Work inspiration with Jacob Cass

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Jacob Cass

Designer from NY: branding, identity & interactive graphic design

My name is Jacob Cass and I am a graphic designer that specializes in branding, identity and interactive design. I run a few websites but my main one is my blog Just Creative where I write about design, social media and creativity.


27" Cinema Display with a 17" Macbook Pro. Wacom Intuos 4 and Logoitech MX Revolution. I've outlined this in much more detail here.


I use so many that I couldn't list them all here. I've wrote about it in detail here.

Dream setup

The set up I have now works just fine (see above links) however once I leave NYC I will have a much bigger office with more natural light. 


Inspiration comes from everywhere but most often it comes from online or books. Other than that taking regular travel breaks refreshes me.