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Q&A with Colin Gray

Creative director of Jack + Mulligan

I'm Colin Gray, the founder and creative director of Jack + Mulligan.

Let’s talk about you work. What are you working on now?

I'm currently working on refining our current collection of bags and leather goods as well as working on new offerings. We're always fine tuning the details on our products, trying to figure out where we can improve on certain things whether its the materials, construction, etc. We did a couple of collaborations last year that were a lot of fun with Equinox and Harry's, and have some more special collabs for 2015 planned that I'm currently working on.

What tools and materials do you use for your work?

The tool that I couldn't live without is my Macbook Pro. However, you can't underestimate the power of pencil and paper, especially for working out ideas and new products.

What is your ideal work environment?

My ideal working environment is somewhere quiet, outside in the sun with strong coffee and good people watching.

Where are your favourite places for art? 

My Mom is an art dealer, and the house that I grew up in feels like an art gallery with different pieces constantly on rotation, being bought, sold, and traded. Movies are probably my biggest source of inspiration. Angelica and Sunshine are the independent theaters in Downtown New York, and they usually have something good playing. I'll go to gallery shows or museum exhibits once and a while, but nothing beats a great movie.

Who are the artist in your category you admire most? 

In my field nobody does it better than Ralph Lauren. He created a self fulfilling prophecy. A kid from the Bronx that sold the vision of the American Dream, and now he lives it. The staples are always solid and he usually has some great statement pieces like Navajo inspired sweaters and leather outerwear.