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Q&A with Ingi Erlingsson

Co-founder and creative director of Golden Wolf

I’m a guy that wears many hats, but mainly the hat of the co-founder and creative director of Golden Wolf, an animation production company based in Shoreditch, London. We make animated content for all kinds of clients, mainly in the advertising, entertainment, Sport and music industries. Other than that I run a few blogs, co-founded Hurt You Bad magazine and dabble in graffiti once in a blue moon.

© Ingi Erlingsson

Software / hardware

Apart from my brain most of my day is spent somewhere between Apple Mail and Evernote.

Ideal work environment

Our studio space at Golden Wolf is a great place to work, it was designed by the amazing 44th Hill and looks a little like a sexy Soho wine bar collided with a log cabin. Other than that I thrive on variety, so anywhere that’s new to me works too.

Work inspiration

Anywhere and everywhere. My work requires me to make fast decisions that are based on a mixture of client expectations and my own personal taste, which has been shaped by all my experiences and interactions combined.

Creatives you admire most

Apart from all my colleagues here at Golden Wolf and the guys at our sister company ilovedust, I’m a fan of the work of Buck, Hort, Filippo Perini, Megaforce, Ryan McGinley, Diplo, George Younan, Yoann Lemoine and generally anyone doing amazing things.