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Q&A with Inayaili de Leon

Lead Web Designer at Canonical

My name is Inayaili and I'm Lead Web Designer at Canonical, in London — the company behind Ubuntu. At Canonical, I help establish and take forward the brand's visual direction online. I can either be helping and guiding others with their work or be the one that is creating and iterating the designs, it depends on the project and time available. I also love writing, and have contributed to blogs and publications such as Smashing Magazine, A List Apart, 24 Ways and .net magazine, as well as my own blogs; I've also co-authored a book, Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites.


Lots of sticky notes, pens, pencils, papers, notebooks! I also have a Mac Book Pro and an iMac. At work, we test on several mobile devices too, which we try to vary depending on the needs of the project.


Often Mac OSX, and Ubuntu.

Dream setup

I don't really think about this at all. I'd like to get a larger screen to keep in the office, but other than that as long as I can move often between paper and digital tools I'm happy.


Everything! I watch a lot of TV shows, lately on politics like The West Wing and their work ethics really interests me. I also watch a lot of documentaries and try to read in-depth articles on subjects that are completely different from what I do — for example, the latest stuff I've read was about why the NYPD cops are feeling down, and how James Brown's will was being contested. I'm also back at 'school', I've started a BA in Creative Writing and Philosophy with the Open University. I think all these different subjects help me to be able to notice and create connections between my work and the world.