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Q&A with Helen Rice

Co-founder and Creative Director at Fuzzco

Hi, my name is Helen Rice. I am a co-founder and Creative Director at Fuzzco, a creative agency in Charleston, SC.

Software / hardware

Illustrator I love. VSCO makes everything pretty like magic. Really into the internet. I email a lot. It’s cool. I’ve just started doing some pottery and I’m hoping to get a wheel and kiln of my own one day.

© Helen Rice

Ideal work environment

A naturally well-lit room that isn’t too cold. Plants are nice and so is the smell of burning pi?on. I love my standing desk.

© Helen Rice

Work inspiration

Making things that I truly love, working on projects that I believe in, coming up with ideas that are actually interesting or make me laugh, with people that I really trust and admire- I just want to enjoy my life and work is a big part of it.

Creatives you admire most

Everyone at Fuzzco. People here are incredible and I’m very lucky to get to collaborate with them everyday.

Humble people with a good sense of humor. Hard workers.

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