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Q&A with Helen Entwisle

Illustrator at Memo Illustration

Hi I'm Helen. Mechanical pencil and squeegee operator at Memo Illustration. I create a range of colourful hand printed products inspired by my collections of mid-century kitsch.

I'm also a part time lecturer in illustration at UCLan and like wearing cowboy shirts.

Software / hardware

Petrol blue Pentel mechanical pencil, chinagraphs, Uni Pin fine line pens 0.05-0.5 and my Grandma's old tin of cotton bobbins for colour inspiration.  I draw my designs and work out colour layers (for screen printing) on paper, the whole process is done by hand without a computer.

Ideal work environment

Currently- my studio at home in Kendal, with the sun shining in, a good view of the hills, Domestic Bumblebees or Johnny Trouble on the record player and a mug of strong black coffee by my side. I love my studio it is a very calm and colourful environment.

When I need a break I take my greyhound Seb for a walk up the hill I can see from my desk.

© Helen Entwisle

Work inspiration

All around me!  I collect a lot of things- furniture, clothing, jewellery and ornaments from the 1940s-60s.  These objects are a constant source of inspiration in terms of colour, texture, form.  Music and nature also provide lots of ideas.  Living next to the lake district is a wonderful thing, I'm very lucky.

Creatives you admire most

I have some incredibly talented friends - Kate Beckett, Anthony Zinonos, Gemma Correll, Kristyna Baczynski and Jen Collins to name a few.  All so creative, excellent humans.

Others who I love and very much admire - Margaret Kilgallen, Jim Houser, Eric Ravilious, Ray Eames, Frida Kahlo, Lucienne Day, Nudie Cohn.

My Grandma Winnie and my Grandad Ron.