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Q&A with Harriet Taylor Seed

Illustrator and pattern designer from Chichester, England

I am Harriet Taylor Seed, otherwise known as harrydrawspictures. I am an illustrator and pattern designer from Chichester, England.

Software / hardware

My work is as hand-crafted as possible - I draw everything in sketchbooks and hand cut stencils to print out my shapes and colours. So my hardware is pencils, student sketchbooks, craft knives, Daler Rowney block printing ink and glue spatulas (like you used to use in primary school art lessons) I have an iMac.

Software - I use very basic photoshop and nothing else - I don’t know how!

Ideal work environment

My husband (also an illustrator) and I moved to Chichester from Brighton last year so we could have a much bigger studio, get a cat and have a garden to take coffee breaks in. This is pretty much my ideal work environment especially when the sun is shining!

© Harriet Taylor Seed

Work inspiration

All over the place. I am a big fan of folk art and mid twentieth century design. I love going to car boot sales to ?nd treasures which make ideas spring to mind - I bought a bunch of vintage handkerchieves with seaside resorts from around the world on them a few weeks ago.

Creatives you admire most

I try not to look at much contemporary illustration as I don’t want to be in?uenced by what other people are doing or get disheartened as everyone else is doing such beautiful work! I love work by people who really have a unique creative voice - Laura Carlin, Celia Birtwell and Johnny Hannah spring to mind.