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Q&A with Hans Christian Reinl

Front-End Developer and Architect

Usually people on the internet find me under my pseudonym drublic which is taken from NOFX' album Punk in Drublic. I am born in the late 80s: in December 1989 and I work as a Front-End Developer and Architect in several projects as a freelancer. Apart from Open Source work I do a german weekly podcast called Working Draft? which is pretty great for everyone involved in Front-End development.

How did you get started in front-end?

I got a computer from a friend of our family. When I was in my teens I've started to use Front Page to work on web pages for myself which had images of my drum set and bike. Soon I looked into HTML and later CSS to write pages with a standard code editor.

A friend asked me to do a web page for a festival his bother was doing - and so I started to work as a web designer. Later I did the front-end development for another friend's girlfriend who is a singer together with an agency. This was when I earned money with what I did.

So in general you can say that I do not have a CS background but am more self-made.

What software and hardware do you use for your work?

Besides the usual testing devices I use a Mac Book Pro which is pretty heavy and has a lot of horse power. I am planning to replace it when the new 12 inch Air comes out. I don't work with a second screen which is kind of interesting for other devs but that works best for me.

I am kind of a purist when it comes to software. My setup is Sublime Text, Chrome as my main browser and iTerm as the commend line interface. Usually I do as much as I can on the command line.

What is your ideal work environment?

With work environments it's the same as with your personal life I guess: It's great as long as you come along with the people that surround you. Besides that I love to work in a quiet room with my co-works next to me, to talk to them when ever it's necessary. Usually I don't need more than my Mac Book and a great chair. I love bright and vivid rooms.

Your favorite books about web development

Who are the developers you admire most?

For some time now I really value the work Paul Lewis from Google does. His articles about rendering performance and more are really great.

Also my good friend Anselm Hannemann is very talented and reads so much stuff which he puts in his great weekly newsletter WDRL.