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Q&A with Giacomo Cosua

Italian freelance photojournalist

I’m Giacomo and i’m 30 years old. I live between Berlin and Venice, but i’m pretty always traveling here and there, so i still feel i don’t have a place to call “home”.

Since i was 23 i started working as journalist in Italy for a local newspaper group in Veneto. After few years i discovered that photography was more effective for me, or at least for what i was able to create and communicate, so i will call myself more a photojournalist as more or less is what i do for living. A part from that, i started in 2007 an on line magazine called “Positive Magazine”, where i’m now the editor and it’s growing pretty fast and it’s keeping me busy&happy everyday.

Hardware / software

I have a nikon d600 with a nikkor 50mm f1.2 lens witch i most use for everything and i use a 70-200 f2.8 for some reportage/photojournalism thing.

Recently i just discovered the Fuji x100s and i’m pretty in love with that, i’ve been using for my first job during the last fashion week in Milan shooting backstage and the camera is working great.

I use photoshop or lightroom.

Work inspiration

I think my inspiration comes from the street, as i was writing a lot about stories for newspapers i started looking around myself in a different way. It’s just important to tell a story, even if you are doing advertising, fashion or a reportage.

Photographers you admire most

I’ve been always in love with the unique photojournalists and storytellers such as Robert Frank or new photographers like Alex Majoli from Magnum. Recently i think Alasdair McLellan is a photographer i really like for his portraits.

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