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Q&A with Fraser Davidson

Motion designer, animator & direction from UK

My name is Fraser, I am an Director, designer and animator.

How did you get started in animation and motion design? What is a turning point in your professional career?

I started animating while on my BA Hons Graphic Design course at university. I started animating in university having done a brief course in after effects. I then got a couple jobs in the industry in London from where I started as junior animator.

What is your ideal work environment?

I work best in the early morning till about 4. I like to be around other people and away from the house. I run during the day as it alleviates tension, anxiety etc.

What design tools / software do you use for your work?

After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D.

Where does your design inspiration come from? (Do you believe in 'inspiration' at all)?

Yup, absolutely. I try not to stay too in tune with the latest work as I feel it can limit the thinking a bit. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Often from books and comedy as much as anything else.

Who are the motion designers you admire most and why?

Grant Orchard, Simon Tibbs, Animade. Their simplicity in design and complexity and nuance of movement. Telling stories with very limited elements is very difficult thing to do. These people can all do that.