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Q&A with Estela Cuadro

Argentinian artist and illustrator

I am Estela Cuadro. I was born in 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I am living nowadays. You Could visit a big part of my work in my web site:, I find it difficult to tell something about me because I think that there are so many things I like that I do not know where to start. First of all,  I live with the person I love most in my life,  with whom I share many nice things,  bike rides,  a nice movie, go out to bars. We also share books,  painting and drawing together. Morning are feeded by my little garden and my studio, where we spend much of our time. I am proud of the nice people around me,  and because of everything I get in my life. That is how I feel today.
I am a happy woman, of simple things.

I am proud, happy to continue growing and learning.

Power feel like a sensitive person around me makes me happy.

I like even the smallest value as a plant, and as far as this can help me reach the people who really need it.

Software / hardware

I really don?t love any software or hardware, I love doing things manual. Although I?m Artist and Graphic Designer and part of my works are based on the use of Illustrator and Potoshop programs, but I don?t love them. I use them as a means to live. I love brushes, paints, apron or old clothes especially hands dirty.

I used a lot of tecnics, like pencil, small coal, oil. Specially when I was young. Nowadays I like to use more than one tecnic at the same time, and make a different result. I use India ink with salt, and I let them act freely on the support. I use other things to generate texture, and I use oil painting, pencils and pens to realize details.

Ideal work environment

I enjoy nature, often dream to be working as an artist in the middle of mountains, sea, rivers. The nature from large inmensiones like maybe a sea, an insect, plant, everything is super inspiring. I really learn new things to watch textures, shapes, colors.

Work inspiration

It comes from my unconscious, from the imaginary and not real, I'd say.

Creatives you admire most

Frida Kahlo, enchant besides his art, I think it is an example of a woman, Basquiat, Gustav Klint, Piccaso, Remedios Varo, Amy Cutler, Paul Klee.

Some Argentine artists:

Carlos Alonso, Xul Solar, Antonio Berni, Le?n Ferrari, Carlos Nine, Kuitca, Regazzoni.

Good emerging artists:

Hern?n Paganini, Daniel Mochi, Lorena Ruiz, Jose Saccone, TEC Fase, Defi, Na  Sa, Agust?n Sciannamea, TOCCO (Francisco Miranda), Mat?as Malizia, Mara Caffarone, Nat Filippini.

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