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Q&A with Emily Beeson

Blogger and writer at YOUNG GOLD TEETH

I'm Emily Beeson, a blogger and writer. My blog YOUNG GOLD TEETH focuses on arts and lifestyle and celebrating and supporting creatives. I'm also a copywriter for an amazing fashion-tech company called Lyst and occasionally write articles for beautiful independent magazines and blogs.

YGT is a platform for young creatives to showcase their work from, for those who are a little longer in the tooth to provide advice and inspiration, for independents and designer/makers to promote their businesses and events and for anybody in the world to seek original articles on unique lifestyles, flavours, sounds, styles, products and experiences. The creative collective is growing every day so I make an effort to support every member or friend of the blog by helping them out with their self-promotion, featuring them on the site and staging collaborative events in London.

How did you get start writing and blogging? What is your background?

Some of today's best bloggers start super young but I didn't create YOUNG GOLD TEETH as it is now until 2012. I had graduated from university with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy and was interning at a small gallery in central London. I was learning a lot about how to manage social media and reach out to a readership so it all started from there. The site, and my freelance blogging and writing career, really took off a few months later when I moved to the Netherlands to study further. I wrote for online and print magazines as a staff writer and culture editor, contributed to music and illustration blogs and worked with agencies on comms and copywriting projects. Since then the blog has undergone a big rebrand and I've been lucky in finding a full-time job that I love.

What are you working on now?

I'm always working on new ways to improve the blog and make the reader's experience more enjoyable. So right now I'm researching new and inspiring creatives to feature, drawing up ideas for new posts, speaking with artists and brands that are interested in collaborating and writing as much as I can. I spend a lot of time faffing about on social media which I think counts as work. I'm also planning to pen a new piece for an amazing London-based print magazine and am chatting with a couple of lovely filmmakers about creating something on YGT. I'm excited about those last two.

What software do you use for your work?

I use Photoshop but actually think that Pixlmator is really great too. I use it to create my monthly wish list images. It's very easy to navigate. I'm a big fan of the VSCO Photography app too. Other than that it's simple writing docs and Wordpress all the way. The brilliant people at Lyst are also introducing me to Python so that I can improve my very basic coding skills which is awesome.

And what hardware?

An iPhone and a Macbook Air. The blogger basics. I occasionally wish that I had a proper camera as the iPhone isn't quite up to producing the standard of image that I'd like to be able to post on the blog. Some bloggers take really incredible photos and I really enjoy that, in an envious sort of way.

What is your ideal work environment?

As I'm based at Lyst's office in Hoxton's old White Cube gallery during the day, I'll make myself pretty comfortable at home when working on the blog or an article. I'll light a candle to help me focus, make some herbal tea and spread reference materials out to have something stimulating to look at beyond my laptop screen. Then I'll start working through my emails and to-do list. I like to listen to big voices like Billie Holiday, Chavela Vargas, Nina Simone and Etta James while I type or scribble in my notebook (I've realised that maintaining a positive streak is impossible when listening to The Velvet Underground). Working with the windows open on summer evenings is the best but snuggling in a warm blanket with my laptop on my knees in the winter is pretty good too.

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Who are the creatives you admire most?

My favourite illustrator is Rikka Sormunen and I really like Alexandra Levasseur, I have their prints around my workspace. I love Lauren Max and Lenara Choudry's photography too. My favourite established artists are people like Grayson Perry and Martin Parr; it's true, I enjoy tongue-in-cheek socio-political vibes as much as the next mid-twenties Londoner. Listing the many writers I admire is a challenge; Patti Smith, Toni Morrison and Margaret Atwood are at the top. Independent publishers, magazine editors and store-owners inspire me on a daily basis. You've got to have gall, commitment and an incredible creative eye to succeed in those areas. I like to read Frankie, Protein and Oh Comely. I recently saw A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night and Ana Lily Amirpour is now a favourite director of mine. Musically, I love Ibeyi and their sense of kinship and modern magic.