Work inspiration with Elliott Brown

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Elliott Brown

Graphic designer | Moloobhoy & Brown, Design agency in Dubai

My name is Elliott Brown and I am a graphic designer and founder of Moloobhoy & Brown, a Dubai based Advertising and Design agency.

© Elliott Brown


Software used -  Creative Suite. Hardware used - pencil and sketchbook always before moving to the iMac 27"

Ideal work environment

The M&B studio with the right music playing. We worked hard to create an environment that was laid back, relaxed with lots of reference tools to inspire, research and discover.


Everywhere and everything. The world is a vibrant place and walking round with your eyes open can help you discover solutions in anything.

Admire most

Alan Fletcher, Tibor Kalman, Bob Gill and Josef M?ller-Brockman to name but a few from a long list