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Q&A with Elliot Jay Stocks

Creative Director of Adobe Typekit, UK

Photo: © Elliot Jay Stocks

I'm the Creative Director of Adobe Typekit, the founder of the limited edition typography magazine 8 Faces, and the co-founder of Viewport Industries, where we publish our new magazine Digest.


A 27" iMac for the office and an 11" MacBook Air for the road (and the sofa). Connected to the iMac is a bunch of LaCie hard drives, an Apple keyboard, an Apple TrackPad (for occasional use by my left hand) and a Logitech MX Revolution mouse (for my right hand).


I browse the web with Chrome, manage my life with Things, build my projects with Sublime Text, compile and test sites either with Mixture or Hammer, keep in touch with the Typekit team via Slack, listen to music with Spotify, auto-backup all of stuff with Super-Duper!, manage my fonts with Font Explorer X, and procrastinate with Tweetbot. I also reflect daily on how absolutely amazing Dropbox is. Of course, I use all of the regular Creative Cloud apps like everyone else, but that probably goes without saying.

For my music-making side project, I use Ableton Live and a bunch of third-party plugins, mainly from Native Instruments.

Dream setup

What I have now is my dream set up. I've tried a number of different set ups and honestly this is the best by far. I've had this for a couple of years now and I've never looked back.


Many, many places, but frequently the outdoors. As I write this, I'm on a plane to San Francisco, and out of my window I can see the snow-covered mountains of Greenland. That inspired me to fire up Figure on my iPhone and start creating some sketches for a new song.