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Q&A with Drew Thomas

Founder and the Chief Creative Officer at Brolik

I’m Drew Thomas, a founder and the Chief Creative Officer at Brolik. At work, I design, develop, manage, plan and write. Outside of work, I 3D model and 3D print, read everything I can and dabble in investing.


I use a 27 inch iMac at work, an 11 inch MacBook Air while at home or while traveling and an iPhone 5S.


For design, I use Photoshop, Illustrator and more recently, Typecast. Typecast is a great in-browser app to lay out type for the web, see it on different devices and generate nicely formatted CSS.

For development, I use Sublime Text, GitHub for Mac and MAMP.

Other helpful software I use includes Alfred for launching applications and doing calculations, Clyppan to copy and paste multiple items, and F.lux to take the blue out of my screens at nighttime so I’m not wired when it’s time to sleep.


My dream setup is pretty close to what I have now except that I’d love for even more seamless integration across devices. I want to work on my iMac, then go home and open up my MacBook Air to the same files, browser tabs, etc. This is already possible through Google and Dropbox, but I want more! I wish I could copy something on one computer and paste on another. Soon enough...


Lately, I’ve been very inspired by physical product design. In addition, I’m always inspired by reading about what the leaders in the industry are thinking and writing about. Some of my favorite reading comes from A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, Brad Frost and 37 Signals.