Work inspiration with David Walsh

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David Walsh

Web Developer for Mozilla

I am Web Developer for Mozilla, scribe at David Walsh Blog, MooTools team member, conference speaker, and a variety of other web roles.  I focus primarily on front-end development, though I attempt to dabble in Python from time to time.  


I'm your basic Apple fanboy, coding on my 15" MacBook Pro and testing on my iPad and iPhone.  I also support Firefox OS with my sites to I have a few Firefox OS phones laying around, as well as a a few Android devices.


I use Sublime Text for code editing, iTerm for my terminal stuff, Thunderbird for email, Adium for chat, TweetDeck for Twitter, and just about every browser you can think of for testing.  I use minimal software because it keeps more efficient and focused.


I work remotely, and while I've always hated working in offices, the Mozilla offices are epic.  Food and drinks everywhere, candy, cough drops – I'd love that setup.


My inspiration comes from what I see on other sites.  I see something I dislike on a site so I try to fix it or simply avoid the technique all together.  When I see something I like, I try to find an applicable use for it, or write about it and see what others think.  What better inspiration is there than what we all see on the web?!

What better inspiration is there than what we all see on the web?!