Work inspiration with Dave Prosser

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Dave Prosser

British born animator & director | Studio AKA & Moth Collective

I'm a British born animator & designer based in London. I split my time working commercially for Studio AKA and Moth Collective, whiles scribbling in my spare time.

Software / hardware

I'm surgically attached to a wacom cintiq these days and have been for a few years. I spend my time switching between animating/designing/directing so I use the usual medley of the adobe suite coupled me me ol' noggin.

© Dave Prosser

Ideal work environment

Flanked by plants and splendid people in a spacious cheery room. A few good podcasts lined up from the likes of, Your Dreams My Nightmares, Design Matters and RHLSTP!

Work inspiration

That half- woken state on commutes.

Artists you admire most

Close friends who are diligent and all-round brilliant,  Listen Studio, Greg Eason,  & scattered Internet chums who are changing the mold of collaborative projects, Late Night Work Club.