Work inspiration with Dan Leveille

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Dan Leveille

Marketer, developer and product guy - Los Angeles, CA

I'm a marketer, developer and product guy living in Los Angeles, CA. I'm currently a Product Marketing Manager at While I'm not working at deviantART, I'm building Equaldex, a collaborative knowledge base for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) movement. LGBT rights is something I'm really passionate about. I also love the web, particularly the social web, and building and marketing innovative web products. This passion was really amplified when I started BookMaid, a textbook exchange website for Rochester Institute of Technology, back in 2007.  


I keep it pretty simple: just a MacBook Air and an Acer external monitor.

For devices, I use an iPhone, iPad, and Google Glass


Sublime Text 2 (a text editor I can't live without!), Cyberduck, Adobe Photoshop, Skype, Gmail, and Google Chrome.

Dream setup

A Thunderbolt Display (I have one at work and it has changed my life!), an awesome sound system, and a fancy espresso machine,


One of my biggest inspirations while working on a product is knowing that I'm working on something that hasn't been done yet. It's always exciting knowing that what you're doing will help people in their everyday lives and maybe even change the world ...even if it's just for a few people. Once the product is in development, seeing it come to life gets me really excited and makes me feel like I'm working at 10x the productivity.