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Q&A with Damien Weighill

Illustrator from London

I’m Damien Weighill. I spent my formative years in the glorious kingdom of Hartlepool in the North East of England. Right now I’m in London attempting to peddle drawings to unscrupulous advertising and publishing folk wherever I find them.

What inspired you to become an artist?

I don’t know that I ever got inspired to do this. Everyone was drawing when I started primary school. I’m just one of the kids that didn’t stop.

What tools do you use to organize your work?

Almost everything I create is drawn in A4 sketchbooks which, when full, get stacked in neat(ish) piles or placed on shelves. Everything I draw ends up in illustrator or photoshop, both of which force me to save copies on my laptop. I also tend to have an unhealthy amount of to do lists on the go at any one time and the weight of burden I feel from those usually keeps me on the straight and narrow.

What is your ideal work environment?

I’m lucky enough have a nice spacious desk in a studio that I share with some particularly fine illustrators (and an animator), which would be ideal but the heating is unpredictable and it’s freezing here today - so maybe a desk in a shed installed at the Palm House at Kew Gardens.

Where does your design inspiration come from?

I wish there was a place to go to be inspired consistently but it’s usually the more surprising/surprisingly mundane moments in life that provide the fuel for ideas. I’m thankful to the internet for spewing many of these things in my direction though.

A few recent things that have informed my work are… the life and style of Mother Teresa, old people and their ways, hotdogs, and this astounding reinterpretation of a scene from Kes by Vic & Bob.

Who are the creative people you admire most?

Billy Childish. That guy has one hell of a work ethic.