Work inspiration with Clarina Bezzola

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Clarina Bezzola

Artist from New York

My name is Clarina Bezzola. I am an artist.

Let’s talk about the creative process and how you work. What tools and materials do you use?

I work in various media: sculpture, painting, drawing and I am a trained opera singer. The techniques and media get chosen depending on the message, I am trying to express. Some of my works are intimate drawings or paintings or I make sculptures, some to be worn on the body and then used in performances. These performances may take place in museums or galleries, but also in the public realm, like the open street or train stations or village squares. 

What are you working on now?

Right now I am working on very detailed paintings circling around the theme of the mental, vs. the physical realm of consciousness. And also, I am working on a large wearable sculpture made of leather and human hair which will be like root limbs that extend from my natural body. 

What is your ideal work environment?

Quiet and specious work place with not too much clutter but good set up in terms of tools and access to materials. Hence, I live in NYC! 

Where are your favorite places for art?

I love to see the old masters at the Frick and the Met or even better: travel and see art in it's place of origin!!

Which artist has inspired you the most?

I can't just name one. I love Brueghel, Hans Memmling, Lucas Cranach, but also Tim Hawkinson, Lucian Freud, Neo Rauch, Louise Bourgeois..... However, my main inspiration, I draw from life.