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Q&A with Charlie Hocking

Graphic designer at studio ODD London

I'm a graphic designer at ODD London, where I currently work on projects for Adidas and Siemens. Previous to this I worked at Teo Connor Studio and No Days Off, where I predominantly worked on branding and exhibition design for large and small brands.

Software / hardware

At home, I use the same iMac that I've had for the last 4 years. It's served me well but it's definitely getting a little slower nowadays. I've just purchased the latest Adobe Indesign, which is excellent and probably the software I use the most. Other than that, I use Illustrator a lot to draw logos and occasionally I'll use Photoshop for the odd job, but I seem to be using that less and less. I also use Adobe Ideas on my iPad, which is a great piece of software that allows you to sketch and draw in vectors. This is very handy when you need to import work into Illustrator.

Ideal work environment

I like working with people and having friends around me to bounce ideas off. I think it's really important to share your work as it helps to keep you on track and you often stumble across ideas that you wouldn't initially have thought of.  With regards to the studio itself, It needs to be clean, bright and airy. I'm a relatively organised person and I like to be able to have the physical space to think and work in. Some greenery is always nice as well!


I get inspired by work I see through blogs and publications but the driving force behind my work comes from my friends. I'm lucky to be surrounded by a lot of creative people and when I see their drive, creativity and determination it makes me want to work harder.

Admire most

I'm more of fan of design studios than individual designers. A few of my favourites are A Friend Of Mine - A Melbourne based studio who produce beautiful, playful graphic design that seems very fitting for the glorious Melbourne sunshine. Bedow - Very simple, very well executed and very scandinavian design work from Sweden. Studio Makgill - Fantastically well produced, bold branding and exhibition design from Brighton. I think all these studios utilise elements that I like to try and implement in my own work, whether it's bold bright colours or stripped back monotones.