Work inspiration with Charlie Clark

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Charlie Clark

Creative coder fom Brooklyn | Ad agency Domani Studios

My name is Charlie Clark, I'm a creative coder living in Brooklyn, NY. I'm a front-end developer at an ad agency (Domani Studios) by day, and by night I design and develop interactive personal projects.


Sublime Text 3 is my bread and butter. I also use the Adobe Suite a bunch for preparing assets. I do quite a bit of work on the command line, so I'm often working in Terminal as well.

Ideal work environment

To be able to work comfortably I need three things: My laptop, a good internet connection, and lots of light. If I've got those three things I can work anywhere : At work, at home, at a coffee shop..

Work inspiration

I try to be aware of as many things as possible. I usually start the day browsing the web and reading news articles, looking at new web sites, new artwork... I find that inspiration can come when least expected.

Creatives you admire most

I love Aaron Koblin's work. He creates interactive pieces that trigger that "Aha" moment. It's easy to build something that looks pretty or cool, but it's much harder to come up with a meaningful idea and actually execute it.

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