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Q&A with Cachetejack

Spanish illustration duo

Cachetejack is an Spanish illustration duo composed by Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul. We work for editorial and advertisement commissions but also in personal projects as murals, exhibitions and mural painting. We are right now in Berlin but we love to travel and live in different countries.

How do you share responsibilities when working in a team? Or does it happen on the spur of the moment every time? How being in different places affects your work?

Our team is based in friendship so it means in communication and understanding each other. We both share all the responsibilities but if one needs to slow down or speed up all is allowed. Spaces, people, cities, interests... In general experiences affect to our work. We talk about daily life topics and experiences in our work so as much you live, much richer your work will be.

Could you tell us about your studio? Is it the place where you have created the most of your works?

It is surprising but we don't have a studio, as we love to travel and change places our studio changes all the time so we can say we are super adaptable to  new situations. We travel with the computer & the cintiq so any place with electricity works fine for us. Also we don't need to be in the same city or place for working, we use dropbox, email and chat for keep the contact between us about the projects!

How do you start working on illustrations? How long can the process of creating an illustration take, starting from the time when an idea comes to your mind and until the final step?

To become a team was unexpected. We met at Fine arts university in 2006 and last year of degree 2011 we started to work together as Cachetejack. The idea about finding images with our sense of humour just came so we decided to try ...why not? Ideas are the most important, most of the times they jump on you, or sometimes you have to get some commissions so your mind knows it and its working on it... most important is to be relaxed and have fun, then ideas come so after that we sketch different drawings to find the best way of translating the concept and finally the colour!

How do you take the advantages of freelancing: where do you spend your free time? Could you tell us about the latest exhibitions you have visited in Spain and outside the country

For us there are so many advantages about how to organize your time is the most important: it gives you flexibility and freedom to organize your responsabilities. As we are in Berlin now for some months our last exhibitions have been: Georg Grosz, Helmut Newton, Beatriz Gonzalez, Nixon...