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Q&A with Brosmind

Illustrators and artists @ Brosmind

We are the Mingarro brothers, illustrators and artists, founders of Barcelona based studio Brosmind.

Which styles and disciplines do you prefer in your work or/and take interest in?

We are specialized in illustration. Our technic consist in create an original pencil artwork, which later we digitalize to put color with the computer. In our personal projects, we like to experiment with many other disciplines, like sculpture, music or video.

Regarding to the style, our creations are fresh and optimistic. We always combine fantasy and humor. Our illustrations have a very characteristic color palette, and they are fully detailed, with lots of situations happening around.

Do you follow trends in design and illustration? Is it important to be flexible or you may stick to your unique style to be in demand?

In our particular case, we have a very personal defined style, which we always try to maintain. Of course, in commercial works we can adapt to the client specific needs, but only if we are 100% sure that we can keep our identity recognizable.

How good is Barcelona for graphic design? Do you prefer to work in your Brosmind studio a whole day or mix activities?

Barcelona is one of our favorite cities for living and we feel happy and comfortable here. It’s a very stimulating city, with a lot of cultural offer and a cosmopolitan population, but in our case we don’t see a direct influence to the kind of work we do.

Regarding to our daily life, during the week we usually spend most of the time inside the studio, and is in the evenings or during the weekends when we have the opportunity to enjoy the city with our families.

Do you collaborate with any Spanish designers or studios?

We don’t collaborate that often because it’s always to fit the agendas, but we’ve don really nice projects with LoSiento, Moruba, Andoni Beriestain, Boo… all of them talented people and good friends.

Are there platforms in Barcelona where you can communicate with other designers and share experiences?

Yes, there are many, but we don’t participate much of them. Most of them tend to focus too much on appearances and profit, and ignore the important thing which is creativity.

If you could get back to the beginning of your career and suggest how to become an illustrator, what would be your advice?

Work really hard, never stop producing, when you have time, try to create personal projects in which you can show what you are good at, don’t relax when you have a particular success, be constant, try to find your own style and open your scope, because your potential clients can be anywhere in the world.