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Q&A with Brian Honigman

Content marketing consultant from Brooklyn, NY

My name is Brian Honigman. I'm a marketing consultant, a freelance writer and social media enthusiast living in Brooklyn, NY.

I work with companies on their marketing strategies when it comes to meeting their goals for content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, blog management, guest blogging and more. I also frequently write content for my clients, typically with a tech focus. I've worked with Sumall, Poptip, Toyota, Dell and others clients ranging from brands to startups.


In terms of hardware, I use a MacBook Pro everyday with a 20 inch HP monitor as well.

In regards to software, I occasionally Photoshop CS5 but otherwise, I mainly use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive and Buffer App on a regular basis.

Dream setup

My dream setup is an adjustable standing desk from UpDesk for my office so I can stand and then sit part of the time while I work.


I'm inspired by what's happening in technology on a daily basis and how I can then take this news and make it more tangible for brands, businesses and individuals to understand. I'm continually motivated by the success of my peers, connections and other players in the industry. They help push me to be a better version of myself and produce more quality content on a regular basis.