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Q&A with Bobby Evans

Design, drawing, screenprinting and gig posters

My name is Bobby Evans, i run Telegramme studio with my partner Kate. We are a small, bespoke studio in north london tackling a range of illustration, design and art direction projects for a variety of clients as well as  selling screen printed gig posters, prints & products from our ever  growing ‘GENERAL STORE’.

Software / hardware

Just the usuals - start with pens pencils, notebooks and ideas - move on to the computer with Photoshop, illustrator, a hardworking Mac, and battered old wacom. Nearly all of our gig poster work eventually goes through the time consuming but wonderful screenprinting process to produce one of a kind limited edition runs. Its a process we have worked with for years and is close to outr? hearts and we see it as the final piece of the puzzle and a tool just as import ant as the computer.

Ideal work environment

Last year we built a home studio in our spare room and have been working from there for a while - It feels pretty good right now with enough desk space, poster storage, and space for all our collected junk for the moment, with coffee shops,  skate parks and train stations nearby enough to escape to. Ideal environment?... who doesn't want a cabin on a mountain or a room in a lighthouse looking out to sea? We are working from London for now and it'll certainly do us till we find that cabin.

Work inspiration

Our poster work is obviously influenced by the artist we are working for. Listening to the while we come up with ideas and put the design together. Other self initiated work comes from an obsession with collected old junk, from beer matts to ticket stubs, vintage stamps to wooden stamps.

Creatives you admire most

Lately the simply incredible body of work of Alexander Girrard has been all consuming as an inspiration of cross discipline design and illustration before even mentioning the beautiful colours and shapes.

The gig poster community is a great inspiration, more from a DIY work ethic than anything else. i love that our scene is so supportive while we push each other after seeing each others new work and effort and craftsmanship that goes in to these artefacts!

© Bobby Evans