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Best alarm clocks for Android

A good alarm clock will help you to get out of your cozy and warm bed. We've chosen the most reliable and flexible Android custom apps. Among them are "smart" and "talking" alarm clocks, with a timer and a stopwatch and widgets with a dial. With such assistants you will never, ever oversleep again.

The contents:

  1. Alarm Clock Xtreme
  2. Alarmy
  3. (MacroPinch) Alarm Clock
  4. Good Morning Alarm Clock
  5. Early Bird
  6. Alarm Clock for Me

Alarm Clock Xtreme is designed by AVG Labs

If a standard alarm clock doesn't suit you, "Alarm Clock Xtreme" app is certain to spark your interest. This free alarm clock looks much more interesting than the strict design of the system app; translucency and bright colors will please its user's eye.

"Alarm Clock" allows you to set the time you want to wake up at and choose the tune on your phone in two ways:

  • The time for alarm clock to go off in minutes and hours,
  • Timer: a time period after which one of the alarms will go off.

Tunes are repeated on your phone on certain days of a week. In the app settings you can adjust:

  • Vibration and signal volume,
  • snooze interval,
  • the way to snooze and turn off an alarm.

For the last two parameters you can choose an obstacle, for example, "shake the phone" or "solve a math problem". Besides, you can limit the amount of times you can snooze an alarm and select the notification method for a silent mode.

In addition to the alarm clock itself, there are following features in "Alarm Clock":

  • Stopwatch (simultaneous or sequential to start multiple counters);
  • Timer (like a stopwatch can count several time intervals);
  • Sleep diary which is an experimental feature. The accelerometer records movements, awakenings and fallings asleep and those records can be used to draw conclusions of your sleep quality.

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"Alarmy" is a loud alarm clock for the lazy ones

"Alarmy" Android alarm clock has traditional functionality and design. Alarms are displayed in a list on the app main screen and are disabled by simple unchecking.

When you activate an alarm a reminder and the time of this alarm time appear in Android notification bar. This is an advantage since the system app "Clock" notifies of the next time when your alarm clock will go off only once.

When you add an alarm clock, you specify the time, days of the week, its description and a way to turn it off. "Alarmy" arsenal has both traditional and non-standard ways to turn an alarm off: for example, taking a photo, shaking your phone or solving an equation. For especially complicated cases a feature of delayed reminding has been designed. It specifies how many times you can snooze an alarm clock.

Moreover, via "Alarmy" settings you can enable volume increasing, auto turning off, sound amplification and even forced tuning on of your phone speaker.

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MacroPinch Alarm Clock

"Alarm Clock" offers a smart algorithm to activate an alarm on Android. In simple terms: set alarms are automatically adjusted to your time zone, each alarm clock goes off according to it predefined settings.

What else do we mean when we use the concept of “a smart alarm clock”:

  • If you are on your phone, "Alarm Clock" downs the volume in order not to bother you and the person you're talking to;
  • If an alarm goes off at the same time as you receive a call, "Alarm Clock" automatically delays the call and plays a tune (this option can be easily disabled if needed).

"Alarm Clock" interface is very concise. The advantage is that it's suitable for usage with weak configurations and outdated devices. By the way, this app runs on Android OS starting with 1.5-4.4 and above.

"Alarm Clock" can be used not only as an alarm clock, but also as an ordinary clock. There are 4 types of stylish design clock faces: analog dark/ light and digital dark/ light. It's pretty convenient to use "Alarm Clock" as a desktop clock. Its "digital" mode displays large and easily noticeable numbers and you can find out what time is it now under any lighting conditions and at a great distance from your phone.

Other features of "Alarm Clock":

  • Unlimited amount of alarm clocks with their repetitions and your library tunes;
  • Installation of widgets of 2x1 and 4x2 format on your home and lock screens;
  • Creation of custom notes for alarms and timers of any length.

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Good Morning Alarm Clock

If you woke up being not in the mood and feeling tired, it might be a good idea to change your alarm settings. "Good Morning Alarm Clock" is one of the few apps in Google Play which allow to collect statistics and experiment with awakening.  

This app via an accelerometer monitors your body movements and wakes you up when the sleep phase is the most favorable for it. Thus, an alarm goes off not at a fixed time, but in a 30 minutes time interval.

In addition to this, "Good Morning Alarm Clock" keeps a diary where it records the hours of sleep, movement and other statistics allowing you to understand how your dream goes.

Moreover, you can adjust the tune so that it works smoothly but at the same time it's distinguishable. It can be a nice tune or a song from your playlist.

If statistics aren't needed (as it obviously consumes your phone battery power), the app can be used as a desktop clock.

Thus, we recommend "Good Morning Alarm Clock" if you want to try to keep your body vigorous and improve the quality of your sleep.

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Early Bird is an effective alarm clock which also has an agenda for a day

We're going to highlight three notable features of "Early Bird Alarm Clock" for Android:

  1. it's an effective alarm clock: which has a random selection of tunes for those who sleep soundly and don't always wake up from a familiar tune. Moreover, you can complicate the task: use a combination of voice recognition, qr code and other obstacles in order to wake up.
  1. there is a large number of useful settings, among which are:
  • A time format and a theme;
  • An automatic and temporary deactivation of alarm clocks;
  • An adjustment of a status bar (showing of the time remained before an alarm will go off).
  1. showing today's agenda after an alarm goes off: useful information will be available on your mobile device screen: weather forecast, your location and a list of tasks.

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Alarm Clock for Me (Apalon Apps)

"Alarm Clock for Me" is a personalized alarm clock for Android. It allows you to choose the tune, adjust clock display and add weather forecast onto your phone screen.

Features of "Alarm Clock for Me":

  • Waking up to relaxing tunes or your favorite music
  • Setting an unlimited amount of alarms: you will never oversleep or miss an important event
  • Background notifications: an alarm will go off even if the app hasn't been launched on your smartphone manually
  • Nonstop alarm clock: the music will continue until you stop or put it off.
  • Sleep timer: falling asleep to relaxing tunes or white noise

Other features of this app:

  • Stylish watch: displaying time with a stylish clock face on your phone home screen (it also can be used as a desktop clock),
  • Weather forecast: checking temperature and other climatic conditions at the beginning of your day,
  • Changing screen brightness to a comfortable level to reduce the impact on your eyes when you turn on your phone after sleep,

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