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Q&A with Benjamin Peterson

Python implementor, developer

My name is Benjamin Peterson. I go by "Benjamin" not "Ben". My main contributions have been to the Python programming language. I've worked in many areas of the CPython project including the core language, standard library, documentation, and release management. I also help maintain's infrastructure.

Software / hardware

I'm happy with hardware if it works well with Linux.

As for software, obviously I like Python.  I also heavily use Firefox, emacs, and zsh.

Ideal work environment

A very quiet room with natural light (i.e. not your average office).

Work inspiration

It's gratifying to work on software that is used around the globe by hundreds of thousands of people for myriad different tasks. It's especially rewarding to see Python being used to improve people's lives. For example, the Raspberry Pi is helping children around the world to learn to program... in Python!

People you admire most

I admire people who can get large groups of people to agree, or at least work towards a common goal. It's a skill I definitely lack.