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Q&A with Ben Newman

Illustrator, a lecturer and an art director

Hello! My name is Ben Newman. I'm an Aquarius. I work as a freelance illustrator, a lecturer and a part-time art director for NoBrow Press and Flying Eye Books.


Pencils, paintbrushes, chalk, pastels, ruler, compass, wood, paper and shape templates.


27" imac, 15" Macbook Pro, HP Scanjet 4850, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos 3 and Netflix.

Ideal work environment

I love my current studio and my friends that I share the room with in East London.The only thing that would make it better would be to have more space for painting and woodwork but I'm happy and very lucky to have what I have.

© Ben Newman


It is a big part of my personality and my everyday revolves around my work. I'm inspired by simplicity and colour, shape and form, learning and positivity….. cats and dogs…. mice and frogs.

Admire most

Jacques Nathan Garamond inspires me hugely… his career spanned that of a designer and an artist.
Jim Flora for his use of colour and energy.

Mary Blair for her warmth and universal charm.

Bjorn Lie, Nick White and Jim Stoten for their friendship and seemingly unlimited talent.