Work inspiration with Ben Howdle

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Ben Howdle

JavaScript developer in central London

My name is Ben Howdle, I work as a JavaScript developer in central London. I previously worked in more traditional LAMP stacks, but more recently have really got into Node and Mongo, so my projects end up 90%+ JavaScript! 


I use mostly Apple products, specifically I'm using a 13" Macbook Air right now. I've used Windows machines in the past for development, and to be honest, I didn't find it as horrible as everyone makes out, I just find Apple products a pleasure to use. Couldn't imagine using any other hardware! 


Chrome, Photoshop, Dropbox, Sublime Text, Spotify, Tweetbot and Skype. These are the core apps I use every single day.

Dream setup

If I'm honest, I'm kind of using it. I'm primarily coding, so I don't need a load of RAM, in fact, a smaller, lightweight machine is perfect for me. If anything, I'd say better headphones...