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Q&A with Baptiste Briel

Web developer

I'm Baptiste, 24 years old web developer. I specialize in front-end development, UI/UX design and find the most fun part of my job to be animations and transitions.

I enjoy building interfaces that react to human/computer interactions.

What front end, graphic design tools do you use for website development?

I would say my most used tools/apps would be Photoshop, Sublime Text, and the terminal.

Do you use any project management tools or methods to organize your routine?

Not really. I use Gmail a lot and my calendar to keep track of how many days/weeks I'm supposed to be on a project.

I don't use any specific other apps otherwise.

Do you follow web dev trends? Did you notice any changes for the last 2-3 years on the market?

I've been following it for a few years already. I started checking daily and sometimes uploading my work to websites such as FWA or Awwwards back in 2014.

Of course, it's always evolving. Trends come and go just like in any different markets like fashion, for example.

Do you work with international or French brands only? Could you describe the most interesting projects - 2018?

I work with brands and agencies all around the world; from France, Belgium, the U.S... There's absolutely no borders or limit in this industry, which I think is super exciting.

What are the main advantages/disadvantages of freelancing?

The main disadvantage is really not having a dedicated space with other creatives. I miss having co-workers in the same room to be able to discuss or ask anything, anytime. This can be avoided by going to a coworking space or just hanging out with other freelancers–which I do a lot. The main advantage is definitely being your own boss. Manage your own time, choose your own projects and focus on what you actually like doing instead of just doing work for someone's else. Something else could be an advantage/disadvantage depending on what you enjoy doing; I see myself being more than a developer now. Running your own business also ask you to be manage your projects and clients, while making sure you'll get paid on time, etc. It's just more responsibilities, but I really enjoy it so far.

Who are your favorite creatives whose work inspire you?

I've recently been fascinated by some work done with generative adversarial networks (GANs). A few artists to mention would be Mario Klingemann, Robbie Barrat, Refik Aanadol. Feel free to check out who I'm following on Twitter, you'll find all my favorites creatives that inspire me!