Work inspiration with Audee Mirza

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Audee Mirza

Graphic designer and web developer from Indonesia

My name is Audee, a freelance graphic designer and web developer from Indonesia. I'm also the author of Graphic Identity Blog which I started in June 2007. Designing has always been my greatest passion. I enjoy the every stage of design process and I do my best to accomplish the visual satisfaction from series of drafts. I design logos, print-ready graphics, make illustrations, and mock up before I develop websites. I passionate about typography and has been designing several fonts. I really like to keep in touch and involved in design discussion with everyone who are interested to my work.


I just use desktop PC and sometimes my laptop if I'm away.

I have Rotring and and Artline calligraphic pens for my typography works.

Sometimes I sketch on my pocket drawing book.



As for software, most of the time I use Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator CS4 for graphic and logo designing. I'm creating font using Fontlab Studio 5 after working on the vector in Illustrator. While when developing websites, I code using Dreamweaver CS4, specialized at WordPress 3.8 CMS and that I recently use Bootstrap for responsive layout with some other design helper tools.

Dream setup

I want to create more fonts or vector typography and illustrations to sell on several design marketplaces. It must be great to have work station or studio in a better and quiet environment one day.


I really like designs that have intuitive feel like sketchy font or rough illustrations. Daily life, musics, pictures found on Flickr and Pinterest, also my Netvibes feed reader are just some of my inspiration resources.