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Q&A with Anthony Atkinson

Illustrator from Brighton | Studio Big A Band

My name is Anthony, AKA Big A Band, and I work as an illustrator based in the seaside town of Brighton. As well as commercial work I also work on my own graphic novel projects. I am currently working on a book about the islands of Great Britain which is to be published by Ebury Press in March 2015.


My most favourite tools are the most basic ones that I use: 4B pencils, brush pens, paper, a light box and, of course, masking tape. I always use the same type of paper, pencils and pens - I’m very particular!

Most of my work starts off in a Moleskin sketchbook, usually as a rough pencil drawing. This is then roughed out in pencil on paper before being traced off using a lightbox, brush pens and fineliners.

Once everything is drawn up, I scan it in to my Mac and either colour the images or simply tidy them up in Photoshop.

Ideal work environment

I’m lucky enough to share a studio with a couple of other illustrators and designers. It’s fantastic to bounce ideas off them, get their advice and also share a beer with them at home time. The studio is located in the centre of Brighton - an inspiring city full of like minded arty types.

Having said that, every now and then I like spend the day working at home, especially if I’m doing some writing.


My inspiration comes from everything - in particular, watching films, the people around me, history and journeys.

Who I admire most

Of course the guys I share a studio with, Tilly, Tonwen Jones and Carly Merrydew Murphy. I love the films of Wes Anderson and am constantly looking at the work of illustrators, Daniel Clowes, Gilbert Hernandez, Seth and John McNaught.

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