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Q&A with Amir Lodge

Digital producer and documentary photographer from London

My name is Amir Lodge. I am 24 and whilst originally from Manchester, I have lived in London for over 2 years now. During the week I work as a digital producer for a gaming company in Farringdon and at the weekend I work as a junior tailor on Savile Row but when I am not doing those things, I tend to focus on my writing and documentary photography. There is a lot of juggle with my work but I do enjoy the challenges that come with each and it stops me from getting complacent and out of ideas.

Software / hardware

I do love my macbook pro, I have had it for many years and it is still going strong *touch wood*. I love using Ommwriter as my main writing tool because the minimalism just works well for me. I take photographs with my trusty Nikon D60 and also 35mm with a Olympus RD35 which I both love, I am not really into the idea of spending thousands on better equipment because I got taught that you need to learn your tools inside out, understand them well, be well observant and have an overall good eye for a visual.

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Ideal work environment

I quite like just working in a quiet environment with a nice ambient atmosphere if possible, with a brew and some music. Ideally with an internet connection that works well too :) . A place where I can just sit and people watch whilst the hours dissappear with ease, is also an ideal work environment too.

Work inspiration

For my writing, I think the works of Charles Bukowski and Hunter S Thompson influenced my style a lot whilst the cinematography of Conrad L Hall, William S Boroughs and Helmut Newton have influenced my photography style. It was Ozwald Boateng that inspired me to get into tailoring and who I recently had the pleasure of meeting which was pretty intense.

People you admire most

I have had the fortune of having many great mentors along the way in my life whom have all taught me all aspects of well being and maintaining a strong work ethic. From leadership to the importance of failure, I don't just have one or two people I admire the most, there have been so many that I am grateful to have in my life that I am all equally indebted to for making me the person I am today. A few to note, Tony Tickle, Andrew/David Eccles, Ed Chadwick, Lucy Perkins, David McCall, Matt Mills, Steve Bittan, Ustwo family, David McRobbie, Fred Humbert, Chris Fralic, Eileen Burbidge, Simon Hughes, William Doyle and Simon Davis.