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Q&A with Amanda Jane Jones

Graphic designer and co-creator of Kinfolk Magazine

My name is Amanda Jane Jones. I'm a freelance graphic designer and co-creator of Kinfolk Magazine. I'm currently based out of Chicago, Illinois while my husband is going to school for his fifth degree (?!?!) and I'm also a new mum to the sweetest baby girl.

Software / hardware

InDesign and Instagram. Every day. Without fail. InDesign for work and Instagram for fun.

Ideal work environment

I love my work environment to be clean and calm. Since I generally work from home, it's usually just me and my computer. It's pretty quiet, so I let NPR and Ella Fitzgerald keep me company most work days.

Work inspiration

My husband and I love to collect books...books of all kind. When I'm stuck in a rut, it helps to look through our stash. Also, I'm a huge believer in getting fresh air. Sometimes you just need to go for a walk and think through your work away from the computer. I used to work in a studio where you really weren't allowed to walk around or leave. It was incredibly stifling. This is one of the reasons I love freelancing. I can go at my own pace and work from wherever the day takes me.

Creatives you admire most

I have a huge girl crush on Maira Kalman. Everything she does is fantastic. As for creatives in general? I just really like nice people. I'm all about being uplifting, encouraging and kind.

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