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Q&A with Alexandra Lange

Architecture and design critic

I am an architecture and design critic based in Brooklyn. I look critically at the spaces, objects and interfaces we use everyday.


A MacBook Air and giant monitor, an iPhone, and a yellow legal pad.

Ideal work environment

A desk with a view of the sky, empty except for my computer, my phone and my pad. Oh, and Post-It notes. I'm always writing lists and reminders. A separate table with stacks of books and papers and objects, one stack per project.

Work inspiration

Everything I encounter: my children's toys, the morning paper, the coffee maker, subway signage, the new school down the block, the park by the river, the neighborhood of the future.

People you admire most

Right now, the professors I am taking classes with at Harvard. I've been here since September on a Loeb Fellowship, and I've loved listening to the ways other people make connections between the physical and the theoretical. I've particularly enjoyed Neil Brenner on urban theory, Sonja Duempelmann on national parks and city landscape, Ed Eigen on neoclassical words and buildings.