Work inspiration with Alex Gaynor

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Alex Gaynor

Software engineer | Python, Shell, and JavaScript developer

My name is Alex Gaynor, and I'm a software engineer. I'm known primarily for my work on various Python Open Source projects, including Django and PyPy. I also serve on the board of directors of the Python Software Foundation. By day I work for Rackspace.

Software / hardware

I primarily use a 15" Retina Mac Book Pro, it's by far the best computer I've ever owned. I keep four pieces of software open all day: Chrome, iTerm, Sublime Text 2, and Rdio.

Ideal work environment

I like to split my time into two chunks. During work time I like to work from an office with co-workers. I have a standing desk there, which I'm a big fan of, as well as a large external monitor. During my free time I prefer to work with just my laptop, from my couch.

Work inspiration

Mostly I get very mad at a computer and try to make things slightly better. I have a fundamental believe that as software engineers, we have a solemn obligation to our users to write software that acts in their interests, and follows their instructions. I think by and large our industry fails to meet that challenge, and I try to improve this.

Developers you admire most

I don't really admire any other developers per-se, and I try not to attribute individual ownership to group-works, as most code bases are. That said, if I had to choose, I find the work of the team that built and programmed ENIAC to be incredibly inspiring.