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Q&A with Alessio Atzeni

Designer and front-end developer

I'm a designer and front-end developer, based in Rome, Italy, with a good knowledge of how the web works. I love to create beautiful, intuitive and functional design using the latest techniques with HTML / CSS / jQuery. I love everything that is digital, in my spare time I like to create sets of icons, lettering and calligraphy, experiments and tutorials or freebies for designers and developers. I enjoy sharing my thoughts at Twitter, share my works at Dribbble and especially listen to a lot of music while working. So I never stopped and I always hope to continue in this way.


iMac 27" with and 8GB of RAM, with two monitor. it's important for me to be able to run programs from the Adobe Creative Suite, local server runnning in the background, as well as multiple browsers for test the websites, sometimes use also iPad2 and iPhone 4S for debug my website in mobile view.


I mostly design in browser, but I use Adobe Creative Cloud. Use photoshop for speed UI Design and choice color and when i have time create some free icon pack into Illustrator. Occasionally I'll open InDesign if i need to layout a PDF. I spend most of my time in Sublime Text. Mozilla Firefox is where I do most of my work, I use the Firebug Tools to manipulate in real-time mockups or design of my site or apps and then make those changes in my text editor.

For sharing quickly my files or simple screenshor use Droplr or Dropbox. iTunes (for music) and Mail ( for email ) are always open.


I just want a bigger desk :)


CSS showcase gallery, Web Design Articles, Dribbble Shots,  I take inspiration in everything,  I found many sites really well done, every one of us has a source of inspiration.