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Q&A with Adam Avery

UK based freelance Illustrator and printmaker

My name is Adam Avery aka The Suffolk Punch Press and I am a freelance illustrator.

Software / hardware

I have a strong background in screen printing and paper cut. However, these days I've had to adapt and evolve my working methods into a practice which can provide much quicker turn arounds, so now I work mainly on the computer using a tablet and drawing software. I still find time to set aside a day or two a month to create handmade textures and marks which I then incorporate into my digital work, hopefully giving my illustrations a nice overall tactile feel.

Ideal work environment

My ideal work environment would be a lovely bright studio, high enough to see blue skies but central enough to walk out into the hustle and bustle of a city. I'd love to share a studio with other practitioners too - designers, illustrators, fine artists, whoever! It's important to me to keep that university crit atmosphere going.

Work inspiration

As far as inspiration goes I'm a big fan of pop culture, I love everything from seminal tv like The Twilight Zone and the original MTV Idents, to perusing trashy magazines in waiting rooms. But aesthetically I love (most) of the early modernist movement. I always think that despite the sharp lines and harsh materials design and products of that era still held a warmth, which is something I feel is missing today, It seems to be one or the other.

Artists you admire most

Artists I admire most are Wayne White - his puppetry and music videos are a huge influence on me. An illustrator called Tim Lahan, who has an awesome sense of humour. Julius Schulman, who is an incredible architectural photographer. And Jonny Hannah, who I think has an amazing work ethic, producing consistently interesting runs of prints and ephemera.