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Q&A with Aaron Jay

Freelance illustrator from England

My name is Aaron Jay and I am an illustrator working under the alias Randyotter. I specialize primarily in tee design and I love creating new characters and images.

Software / hardware

For all of my work I start with a traditional pen and paper sketch to plan out the image, I then scan this in and use it as a guide to create line art with my Wacom bamboo tablet in Photoshop. I also use my tablet to color sometimes using custom Photoshop brushes or even using scanned in textures. I really enjoy using Photoshop however I find Illustrator to be rather mechanical and unintuitive for me personally.

© randyotter

Ideal work environment

My ideal work environment is being set up in front of my PC with new pencils and paper and a big cup of coffee although if someone offers me a studio on the beachfront I wouldn't say no!


Most of my inspiration comes from looking at everyday objects and scenarios in a strange and whimsical manner. A lot of cartoons from my childhood as well as current day help inspire and motivate me to keep working.

Admire most

This questions always stumps me as I tend to change my mind week to week, what I love one week I do not really care for the following week. If I had to choose someone who I admired when I was starting out it would have to be Daniel Abensour.