Work inspiration with
Florence Deau

Bonjour, my name is Florence Deau. I’m a French interior designer, stylist and a design/architecture blogger who likes to take pictures.

Software / hardware

I mainly work on a 15'' MacBook Pro with Retina display. I also have an iPad that I usually use for leisure and travel and an iPhone, that is literally grafted in my hand. In terms of software, I use PhotoShop and Illustrator CS6, Live interior 3d Pro, SketchUp and a bit of Dreamweaver when I need to do some coding with my Wordpress-hosted blog. The rest are my usual office softwares like Mail, iCal or Skype for everyday business, Spotify for music and VSCO cam for shooting with my iPhone.

Ideal work environment

When I’m not away or working on site for my interior design projects, I comfortably work from home - with a cup of coffee, music playing low in the background and a sea view. Quite ideal.


Travelling, daily life and new encounters. I also spend a lot (too much) time on the internet roaming over design and architecture websites, blogs and social networks like Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Admire most

Talented creatives from any fields that can come up with unique and bright projects that no one has thought of before.

Work in progress. Interior design project by Florence Deau. Royan, France

Interior design project by Florence Deau. Paris, France

Interior design project by Florence Deau. Royan, France